The Southeast Euro Motorsports Team, would like to Thank you all for attending our Winter Volksfest at the NC State Fairgrounds.

What an AMAZING turnout we had for the event! Around 200 cars and 40 vendors of all different kinds! This was the LARGEST event to date at the Fairgrounds. This bigger building is just what was needed. Hope you found some items in the swap meet! We had plenty to choose from that is for sure! The show car area was hopping with some Beautiful VWs from pristine restorations, full out show cars, daily drivers and custom one off vehicles.
Hope you all enjoyed it, that is what it is all about! Special Thanks to  all of our Vendors, Sponsors, show cars and YOU for making these events what they are! They can’t exist without you. See you all again soon!

 Glad to see everyone out and about and in your VW, having a good time and enjoying life!
As always, these events are for you the Enthusiasts, by Enthusiasts. Our goal is for YOU to have a good time. Thank you for your support and we will see you at the next event!

 CLICK HERE to view all the photos.

Top 40

  • Jay Turner  63 Beetle Herbie
  • Lusiano Todaro 17 Passat
  • Craig Detweller Highroof Vanagon
  • Bill Oestereich 67 Beetle
  • Joe Wheeler Myers Manx
  • Phyllis Williams 69 Westfalia
  • Zach Pomeroy 63 Beetle
  • Grant Funcham 68 Beetle
  • Terry Weisenfield 68 Beetle
  • Scott Stephens 59 Euro Beetle
  • Jack Glowacki 70 Beetle
  • Tommy Stubbs 64 Beetle
  • Gus Rodriguez 69 Beetle
  • Wallace Bateman 65 Bus
  • Cesar Ramirez 83 Rabbit
  • Jerry Bennett 63 Beetle
  • Mike Kemp 67 Rat Rod
  • Art Neary 69 Baja
  • Jorge Santos Choptop Beetle
  • Jim Greenfield 51 Beetle
  • David Mitchell 2018 Passat GT
  • Marvin Wall   2014  GSR Beetle
  • Bruce Paul 1967 Single Cab
  • Jeff Grimm 1968 Beetle
  • Sharon Dement   1975 Passenger Bus
  • Gilbert Soares   1957  Beetle
  • Chad Hicks    1965  Beetle
  • Roy Arnette   1963 Beetle
  • Tim Soares    1973 Baja
  • Bobby Pettit   1956 Beetle
  • Chip Perry 58 Karmann Ghia
  • William Beattie 71 Westy
  • John Edwards 17 GTI
  • Buddy Poole 70 Beetle Convertible
  • Jeff Eason 13 GTI
  • William Luna 12 GTI
  • Chris Chilton 23 Model T Replica
  • Jose Vasquez 59 Beetle
  • Doug Raynor 85 Westy
  • Scott Ferrell 17 GTI

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