Thank you for attending Summer Volksfest! We had a great time seeing everyone.

Had a little bit of everything at the event and we certainly dodged a bullet with some serious storms down south. Faired well with a couple of rain showers and then bright blue skies and HOT! Hope you had a good time, that is what it is all about!

Thank you to our Southeast Euro team for all the work the do to help things go smoothly and the crew at the Classic Car Museum for all the behind the scenes work getting the facility ready for our enthusiasts.

We will be back again in June 2024 for Volksfest and Jan 2024 for Eurofest.


If you see a photo of your car, just click the download button and save for yourself or to post! Thanks to Robust Media


Best of Show Aircooled VW
Terry angelotti 61 23 window
Best of Show Watercooled VW
Curt Quong Sing 17 gti
Inner Beauty
Nick Dickerson 17 Beetle vert
Best use of color
Denise Kerr  68 Ghia
Best Engine
Lester Chatley
Promoters Choice
Leo lantigua 84 crew cab

Top 20
Walter salegio 84 Jetta Coupe
Buggy Gilbert 68 Beetle
Denise Kerr 68 Ghia
Francisco Sprott 93 Corrado
Eric Parenteau 71 camper
Nick Dickerson 17 Beetle vert
Jorge colon 14 Tdi Beetle
Jeff Ratliff 72 westy
Brandon Castaldi 69 Beetle
Beverly Angelotti 74 23 window
Tercio granzotto 16 audi S6
Johnnie & Theresa Stuart 74 ghia vert
Ron Hubbard drag car
Taylor Warren 59 Beetle
Buddy demers 64 notchback
Alexandra Fontanez 68 Beetle
Jose Ramos 78 Cola bus
Eddie DeSiliva 04 Gti
Lincoln delPino 61 Beetle
Omar Luciano 14 beetle

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