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We hope you can join and help with our events this upcoming 2022 season! We plan to provide you with quality events you and your family can enjoy. Check out all the info below and if you have any questions or want more info, just use the contact us page above.

SEVWA/South East Euro Motorsports is the Premier Volkswagen/Audi only Drag Racing Association on the East Coast. We are now entering the 21st year of providing the Southeast with the Best in VW/Audi/Euro Drag Racing plus Car Show and Swap meet.

The SEVWA is a non-profit volunteer supported group run by Southeast Euro Motorsports, LLC. We are looking towards a continued future, bringing more events for racers, show cars and VW/Audi/Euro Enthusiasts alike in the Southeast region. We will be right there with you to provide that special event that you can come and enjoy with your family and friends. My goal is to help you, the business, keep your future alive and kicking by helping spread the word. Either by attending an event or through social media and emails. We want you to continue to succeed doing these hard times.

These event/Social Media promotions will give you a wide range of an audience in which to reach out for your business. We average around 1400 or more spectators per event and our Facebook &Instagram pages are our main area of advertisements. With so many people on either one of those platforms, we have found out that these places are now our best place to get there word out. We schedule posts at least once or twice a day with information about upcoming events, Sponsor info/specials or special information to share. We also send flyers for the events all over the East coast and distribute throughout the year to shops or pass out at other events. Our event shirts we make for at least 6 of our events, we list all of our sponsors on the event design. Our award plaques for the events, feature the event design with our sponsors listed on them as well.

The SEVWA points series is for any VW/Audi Racer on the East Coast. We have worked with other Event Promoters on the East Coast to help support other events in our VW Community. We usually have anywhere from 5-8 races on the schedule for a racer to go to and collect points. At the end of the year, these points are tallied up and we declare a champion.  We average around 50 individual race members a year and awards over $4500 in cash plus prizes and Contingency’s from our sponsors. We also randomly give away promotional items donated from our generous sponsors at our events. The events are not only for our racers but for the VW/Audi community as a whole. 

Our goal is to provide the VW/Audi/Euro racers quality venues to safely race, as well as providing a family friendly atmosphere for enthusiasts to show and swap. I am here for the Euro Community and look forward to each and every event. These events are there for the Enthusiasts, so they can come and have a place to bring their family and have fun, that is what it is all about!

If you are interested in more information on sponsorship, just use the contact us page above for more info. Our sponsorship is not just for one show, but the whole year! We hope you can join us!

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