What a great weekend with all our closest Vdub friends in NC
Fast Times at Farmington was another huge success, even without the “Fast” part. We all certainly missed our racers though. It felt so odd not having anything going down the track. But, they will get it figured out and will be back racing very soon.
That SWAP MEET! WOW! There were plenty of goods you could get in the swap meet this time. From new or used parts or other related VW items, from our 75 vendors in attendance. This is the largest to date of vendors at this event!
The VWs didn’t disappoint either! We had over 200 in our show area. From our classic buses, daily drivers, rails, Campers and of course the Beetle.
Thanks to everyone that came out to the event! We hope you had a great time, that is what it is all about. We will see you back at The Farm on Oct 15th.


Photos Courtesy of Nikki Mendez Imagery, Robust Media, Michael Marlow & Bill Osterich

  • Best of show Aircooled: Brad Long 62 RHD Beetle
  • Best of Show Watercooled: Kim Buchanan 12 Golf
  • Promoters Choice: Kevin & Betty Bezanson 56 Bus
  • Inner Beauty: Mandy Sawyers 63 Bus
  • Best of use of Color: Jack Glowacki 70 Baja
  • Kids Choice: Breydon Phillips 17 Audi RS3


  • Beetle Stock (pre-58) N/A
  • Beetle Modified (pre-58) 1st Brad Law 62 Beetle
  • Beetle Stock (59-64) 1st: James Hockaday 64 Beetle 2nd: Carl Bailey 63 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (59-64) 1st: Tie Eric Etchison 62 ragtop Beetle Demetria Gillispe 60 Beetle
  • 2nd: Barry Greene 61 Beetle
  • Bęetle Stock (65-67) 1st: Alex Smith 67 Beetle 2nd: Brad Smith 66 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (65 -67) 1st: Rodney Sanford  66 Beetle 2nd: Bill Ostereich 67 Beetle
  • Beetle Stock ( 68-up) 1st: Tie Richard Nettles 68 Beetle Scott Barber 68 Beetle
  • 2nd: Dave Gapinsti 68 Beetle Convertible
  • Beetle Modified (68-up) 1st: Jeff Grimmn 68 Beetle 2nd: Michaei Nutter 69 Beetle
  • Super Beetle Stock 1st: Brian White 72 Super Beetle 2nd: Mane Staton 74 Super Beetle
  • Super Beetle Modified 1st:  Jesse Tejeda 74 Super Beetle 2nd: Derrick Forbes 72 Super Beetle
  • Karmann Ghia Stock 1st: Stacey Sutton 70 Ghia 2nd: Richard Hicks 74 Ghia
  • Karmann Ghia modified 1st: Frank Carter 71 Ghia 2nd: MIchael Brooks 69 Ghia Convertible
  • Type II Stock (pre-67) 1st: Danny Morganelli 57 Camper
  • Type II modified (pre-67) 1st: Mandy Sawyers 63 Bus 2nd: Juan Jimenez 67 Bus
  • Type II stock (68 & UP) 1st: TIE Todd True 78 Westy Michael White 79 Westy
  • 2nd: Jeremy Coble 71 Bus
  • Type II Modified (68 & UP) 1st: Kevin Smith 68 Bus 2nd: Kimberly Hawk 77 Bus
  • Type 3 all 1st: Amanda Miller 72 Squareback 2nd: James Mandell 70 Squareback
  • Thing N/A
  • Buggy 1st: Shane Campbell 70 rascal manx 2nd: Adam Board  manx resorter
  • Baja 1st: Tie Jack Glowacki 70 Baja Mackey & Raneta Jones 68
  • 2nd Chris Grimm 69 Baja
  • Rail 1st: TIE Thomas Barber Angela Stills 2nd: Greg Pollard
  • Rail Custom (non VW Engine) 1st) Tie Lynley Bailey William Elliott
  • Full Custom (air or water) N/A
  • Daily Driver (aircooled) all years 1st: Maria Rivera 71 Squareback
  • 2nd: John Sparks 74 Beetle
  • Special Interest 1st: Joe Staton 70 Mini Mark 2nd: Alex DeSousa 74 Basilla
  • Under Construction (all) 1st: Christy Cisson 64 Beetle 2nd: David Bethea 71 Super Beetle
  • Kit Car (vw Chassis & Powered) N/A
  • Rat Rod 1st: Steven Sheets 64 Beetle
  • Patina 1st: Jeremy Santana 61 Beetle 2nd: Manuel Martinez 62 Beetle
  • Stock Watercooled ALL YEARS 1st: Chan Cassell 84 Westy 2nd: RIch Lutz 86 Cabrio
  • Modified MK1/MK2 (78-94) 1st: Chris Tringali 85 Scirocco
  • Modified мк3/мк4 (95-05) N/A
  • Modified MK4/MK5 (05 -14) 1st: Mike Honcho 13 GTI 2nd: Tim Hudson 07 GTI
  • Modified MK7/7.5 (15 &up) 1st: Sam Buchanan 15 GTI 2nd: JohnEdwards 16 Golf R
  • Passat/CC 1st: Austin Gilbert 13 CC
  • Beetle (99 & up) 1st: Marvin Wall 14 Beetle 2nd: Michael Tolley 14 Beetle
  • other Watercooled 1st: Douglas Raynor 85 Westy 2nd: Kevin Morgan 20 Tiguan

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