Thank you for attending our 2023 Eurofest Maggie Valley!

Wow what a weekend! Weather turned out Beautiful week with plenty of SUNSHINE! Thanks to all of you for coming out! Hope you had a good time, that is what it is all about!

We had close to 600 show cars and around 40 vendors at the event. Did you get some goodies from our vendors or look to see what you want next for your build. Beautiful European cars all over the show grounds, to look at as well.

Thanks to all of our vendors that attended! A show can’t exist without them. They are a vital part of an event. Hope you got to stop by and talk to them maybe bought a thing or two.

In 2024, we plan to change a few things around. We had tons of awesome raffles from our sponsors, which lead to us having to spend a good amout of time with giving them out. Even with us starting earlier with the smaller ones, so will need to figure out a new plan for that. May plan to use the area by the cornfield where the trailers parked, to give us more area for cars and vendors to be spread out a little more. If you have any sugggestions or comments, speak up and let us know. We don’t mind hearing from you! Plus will add some more speciality awards for our other Euro cars that are not starting to come out and enjoy the event with us.

We hope you had a great time! That is what it is all about! Be sure to mark your calendar for 08/17/24
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Awards list below and be sure to check out all the Videos and Gallery of event photos.

CLICK HERE for Gallery of Event Photos
Special Thanks to the following…… Niki Mendez, Robustmedia , Shadoe Brown, Abernathy Photography. All these photos are available for download. Just click on the photo and in the top right you will see download . If you wish to purchase a photo from the photographers of your car, we can connect you with them. Always want to support all the photographers!




  • Best of show – Damien Peters 88 BMW wagon & trailer
  • Best Audi – Derek Hamby 94 s4
  • Best VW – Ceaser Ramirez 83 Rabbit
  • Best BMW – Damien Peters 87 e30 widebody
  • Best Mercedes – Caleb Hightower Autowerks SC
  • Best Porsche – Drew Tarttier DT wraps
  • Best VW Aircooled – Dennis Dunn 64 Beetle
  • Best Vintage – Mark Welker 88 Saab
  • Best Engine – Kynon Johnson 05 Jetta Wagon
  • Inner Beauty – Choeby Badgio 10 VW GTI
  • Best air-ride setup – Caleb Hightower Autowerks SC
  • Promoters Choice – Blake May TCR GTi Racecar
  • Most Club Partcipation – Modified Passat CC Group

Club Picks

  • Audi Club of the Carolinas/Smoky Mtn Audi’s – Rob Wilwoth 18 Rs3
  • Modified Passat CC Group – Bill Ludlow 04 Phaton (Canada)
  • Roll Models – Tyler Carlisle 18 Golf R
  • East Coast Euros – Bill & Jessica Knight 82 Pickup

Sponsor Picks

  • Everything Euro – Jason Mudd 83 gti
  • Milltek Corp/Auto Finesse – Derek windley audi rs5
  • Vintage Auto – Damien Peters  88 BMW wagon
  • Forge Motorsport – Damien Sorenson  08 Gti
  • Dynamic Auto Tune – Kelly Willich 88 Scirocco
  • Camo Black – Rivera Joel 11 BMW e90
  • Misguided – Mark Welker 88 Saab
  • Eurospec – Damien Peters – BMW e30 wagon
  • Zekes Autowerks – #548  best motor swap – CDI swapped W123 Mercedes
  • GMP Performance – Dennis Dunn 64 beetle
  • Eurowizards – Tanya Palone 94 BMW 520i
  • Vinyl Tech – Chris Steinmeyer 18 Tiguan
  • Black Forest Technik – Jacob Hughes 76 BMW 3.3
  • Hot Rods and happy hour – Ethan Goodnow 02 VW Cabriolet
  • Ecs tuning – Chris Clark 98 VW TDI Jetta
  • Paxdubs – Nick Gangemi 21 Audi rs6
  • Quarter Master Wheel Polishing – Paul Heathman 90 BMW 325is
  • Robust Media – Mark Brummond 80 Porsche 935
  • Niki Mendez Imagery – Carla and Bucky Holling 68 RHD Camper
  • Parallax – Cesar Ramirez 83 Rabbit
  • Vagrant – Demien Peters 97 BMW e30
  • Schwabo Parts – Stephen Durrough 22 GTI
  • Mtn View Detailing – Eric Eanes 23 GTI
  • luvurdub – Curtis Price Golf TDI
  • GSI Motorsports – Jeb Mynatt 08 BMW 328i
  • Eurolounge – Derek Audi Quattro & Danny Vr6 swapped mk7

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