JANUARY 30, 2021

Top 40

Kim Buchanan 2012 Golf

David Mitchell 2018 Passat GT

Marvin Wall   2014  GSR Beetle

Damien Sorensen   2008  GTi

Chris King  1958 356 Porsche

James Wright   ECSR Rail

Justin Fletcher  1991 Passat Wagon

Bruce Paul 1963 Ragtop Beetle

Eric Negron  1967 Euro Beetle Converible

Michelle Kalasz  1964 Deluxe Bus

Jeff Grimm 1968 Beetle

Sharon Dement   1975 Passenger Bus

Gilbert Soares   1957  Beetle

Chad Hicks    1965  Beetle

Mike & Gretchen Miller  1955 Beetle

Tim Owens    1966 Beetle

Tyson Hurst   1961 Buggy

Richie Veverka   1970 Karmann Ghia

Roy Arnette   1963 Beetle

Dennis Lange   1956 Beetle

Chris Walker   1970 Karmann Ghia

James Jones   Beetle

Your source for VW/Audi/Euro Events in the Southeast USA

Tim Soares    1973 Beetle

Shannon Petersen  1974 Karmann Ghia

Bobby Pettit   1956 Beetle

Kris O’Brien    1971 Doormobile Camper

Andy Podhany   1959 Beetle

Aaron Ferrell   1966 Volksrod

Tom Glenn 1967 Westy

Todd Allen  1966 Beetle

Chris Imperial  1969 Bus

Jim Jard   1967 Beetle

Diana Ferrell   2015 Golf

Taylor James   1973 Super Beetle

Jose Ramirez  1966 Beetle

Mike Meichsner 1969 Volksrod

Cobi Rawald   1974 Thing

Becky Fragnito   1973 Super Beetle

Brad Perry   1972 Beetle

Roberto Gonzalez   Beetle

The Southeast Euro Motorsports Team, would like to Thank you all for attending our Winter Volksfest at the NC State Fairgrounds. Great turnout of new and used vendors, and right at 100 Beautiful VWs of all kinds. Cold day, but we were warm inside.

We were certainly glad we were able to still have the event with everything going on. All precautions with the Fairgrounds were put into place and we Thank You for doing your part. VW Enthusiasts came out from all over the East Coast and even traveled all the way from Texas. Glad to see everyone out and about and in your VW, having a good time and enjoying life!

As always, these events are for you the Enthusiasts, by Enthusiasts. Our goal is for YOU to have a good time. Thank you for your support and we will see you at the next event!

Thanks to all those that contributed the photos posted in our gallery. Niki Mendez, Chris Brown, Chris Gosda, Angel Diosdado  CLICK HERE to view all the photos