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VWS at The Rock #3 Results

March 14, 2021 Rockingham Dragway, NC

Presented by Everything Euro

What a Beautiful day it was for our third running of VWs at The Rock!

Outstanding turnout from Enthusiast from all over the Southeast!  Gates opened at 8am and by 9am the line was out the gate and down the road in both directions. Fast thinking by the Team to get ourselves to the gate and get those people in. I am pretty sure we were out there for a few hours. Thank you to everyone that was patient with signing wavior's and getting into the facility.

Plenty of racers ready to take some trips down the strip! A total 82 racers from daily drivers to full out drag cars. This event is part of our SEVWA points series and the first event as part of the series, Even some of the racers that couldn't race came out to support the event as well as lend a hand to a fellow racer.

Show car area was no disappointment, as we had a well rounded variety of  150 or so VWs from new to old. Even a few Audi's and Porsches mixed in, they are part of the Family too!

Swap meet area was a good one with many used parts vendors mixed in with some specialty and new parts too. Hope you found what you needed.

See bottom of page for a full list of results.

Hope you enjoyed it! That is what it is all about!

"For Enthusiasts, by Enthusiasts"

Beetle early up to 67 stock

1: Cindy Carpenter  67 Convertible

Beetle early up to 67 mocified

1: John Gepkens 67 Beetle

2: Andy Podhany 59 Beetle

Beetle late 68 & later stock

1: Brian Stonebraker 76 Beetle

2: Shawn Merchant  72 Beetle

Beetle late 68 & later modified

1: Shatef Caray 72 Beetle

2: Jeff Grimm 68 Beetle

Super Beetle Stock

1: Vernon Horne 72

2: Rob Waller 74


1: Luke Soares 69

2: Perry Gibbons 72

Type II all years stock

1: Heath White 66 Camper

Type II all years modified

1: Mickey Shaw 59 Single Cab

2: Keith Gallimore 67 Bus

Karman Ghia
1: James Jones 69
2: James Wachter
1: Michael Brooks
2: Cobi Rawald
1: Lynley Bailey
1: Dennis Lange 56 Beetle
2: Eric Eanes 70 Beetle
Rat Rod
1: Aaron Farrell 66
2: Bob Waller 58 Beetle

Super Pro

Winner: Michael Hall   RT .126  DI  7.01   ET 7.030  MPH 90.67

Runner-Up: Steve Martinez RT  .050  DI  7.57  ET 7.734  MPH 85.23


Winner: Rick Laws RT .000 DI 10.71 ET 10.706 MPH 63.99

Runner-up: Steve Lewis Red lit

1/4 MILE Bracket

Trey Sikes  RT .000  DI 17.320 ET 17.347 MPH 77.92

Hunter Gaskins  Red lit

Special Interest

1: Gil Soares 57 Beetle Truck

2: Carl Bailey 63 Beetle

Daily Driver

1: Anthony Alvrez 66 Single Cab

2: Giovanni  67 Beetle

Stock Watercooled

1: Michael Tolley 2000 Jetta

2: Charles Black 98 Golf GL

Modified MK1/MK2

1: David Haislop 82 Rabbit

2: Cesar Ramirez 83 Rabbit

Modified MK3/MK4

1: Brandon William 04 R32

2: Samuel Hernandez 03 Jetta

Modified MK5/MK6

1: Jeff Sasser 14 GTI

2: Michael Howell 11 GTD

Modified MK7/MK7.5

1: Corey English 16 GLI

2: Charles McNinch 19 GTI

Passat /CC

1: David Mitchell 18 Passat GT

2: Kat LaFontaine 18 Passat R-line


1: Marvin Wall 14 GSR

2: Cindy Andrews 12

Other Watercooled

1: Tom Schlesinger 13 Audi S4

2: Ron Garrison 84 Porsche