What an amazing turnout at Fast Times at Farmington this past Sunday. With over 2400 people through the gate, it surpassed all others and made this an record breaking event! Show car area was packed with VWs of all kinds, 187 Show cars with around 300 in the show area. If you needed parts, this was the place to be, with close to 75 vendors and swap meet. First time we have had to utilize the back field for show cars and swap meet. Race car count was down from this past October with only 53 attending. But plenty of awesome Fast action on the strip with our bracket classes and the Aircooled Street Association. This is only a 1 day event, but may seem like a 2 day one with the amount of people we had on the grounds Saturday afternoon.

      Plenty of folks took advantage of getting their swap space ready, dropping off the show or race car and camping with their friends. Pretty much all vendor areas were getting filled in and we had to make sure to keep open space in the back field for Sunday morning.

Special thanks to my team working their butts off to help me get everything in order. I couldn't do this without them. These events are made possible by YOU the Enthusiasts and we hope that you had good time, as this is what it is all about! Be sure to tag us in your posts with #fasttimesatfarmington @sevwa1 or @southeasteuro so we can share with others.

Our next Farmington is Oct 17th, join us then or at some of our other events. We would love to have you.

Beetle Stock (pre-58)     1st: Mike Turner (57)  /  2nd: Dennis Lange (56)
Beetle Modified (pre-58)     1st: Ron Hamby (56) / 2nd: Clayton Pickard (56)
Beetle Stock (59-64)     1st: Doug Robertson (60) / Bob Ball (62)
Beetle Modified (59-64)    1st: Eric Etchinson (63) / 2nd: Andy Podhany (59)
Beetle Stock (65-67)    1st: Dwayne Clark (65)
Beetle Modified (65-67)    1st: Carmen Summerlin (67) / 2nd: Rodney Sanford (66)
Beetle Stock (68-up)    1st: Michael Daniels (70) / 2nd: Eric Gocher (74)

Beetle Modified (68-up)    1st: Cameron Paynter (69) / 2nd: Shatef Carey (72)
Super Beetle stock    1st: Becky Frangnito (73) 2nd: James & Barbara Jones (74)
Super Beetle Modified     1st: Yesael Teseda (74) / 2nd: Derick Forbes 72 & David Smith (73)
Karmann Ghia Stock    1st: James Jones (69) 2nd: William Line (72)
Karmann Ghia Modified    1st: Keith Molenta (74) 2nd: J Blade (63)

Type II Stock (pre-67)    1st: Danny Morganelli (57 Westy) 2nd: Heath White (66 Camper)
Type II Modified (pre-67)
      1st: Mike Turner (59 Crewcab)   2nd: Mickey Shaw 59 Single Cab
Type II stock (68 & up)       1st: Jeremy Coble (71 Westy)  2nd: Michael Kinney  (71 Westy)
Type II Modified (68 & up)     1st: James Steele (72)   2nd: Heather Molenda (71)
Type III  N/A
      1st: Chris Gray    2nd: Cobi Rawald
Buggy     1st: Eric Smith  2nd: Derek Bridgewater Sr
Baja      1st: Chris Grimm  2nd: Mickey & Raneta Jones
Rail       1st: Angelea Stills   2nd: William Pollard
Rail Custom   1st: William Elliott 2nd: Lynley Bailey
Full Custom:     1st: Skylar Ciavarella (56 Oval)  2nd: Jimmy Upton (68 Beetle)
Daily Driver    1st: Anthony Alvarez  (66 Single Cab)  2nd: James & Barbara Jones (74 Super Beetle)
Special Interest       1st: Chris Chilton (T-Bucket)  2nd: Claude Townsend (Trike)
Under Construction     1st: James & Barbara Jones (71 Beetle)   2nd: David Bethea (71 Super)
Kit Car      1st: Bill Cox  2nd: Donna Yeomans (356 Porsche)
Rat Rod      1st: Michael Winters (63)   2nd: Dale Easling (71)
Patina       1st: Bob Staley (67 Beetle) 2nd: Kevin Cribb (60 Beetle)
Stock Watercooled all years     1st: Chan Cassell (82 Vanagon)   2nd: Michael Farr (12 Jetta)
Modified (78-94)      1st: Cesar Ramirez   2nd: Samantha Farr (92 Golf)
Modified 95-05        1st: Julius Parnell (04 Jetta) 2nd: Gabriel Valentine (Jetta)
Modified 05-14         1st: Choeby Badgio (10 GTI)  2nd: Chad Cook (09 Rabbit)
Modified 15 & up      1st: Emily Vayo (18 GLi) 2nd: Kristen Colvard (16 Jetta)   

Passat/CC:     1st: David Mitchell (18 GT)  2nd: Deana Newman (08 Wagon)
Beetle 99 & up:      1st: Marvin Wall (14)    2nd: Chuck Newman (00)

other Watercooled   1st Patrick Waddell (18 Audi TT) 2nd: Brandon Caudill (17 Audi)

Super Pro   Winner: Brandon Miller   Runner-up: Nick Freeman

Pro    Winner: Trey Sikes    Runner-up: Sara Blair

ASA    Winner: Brad Robertson  Runner-up: Scott Sain

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BEST OF SHOW AIRCOOLED: Mike Turner 1959 Crewcab


PROMOTERS CHOICE: Danny Morganelli 57 Westy

INNER BEAUTY: Rodney Stanford 66 Beetle

BEST USE OF COLOR & BEST WORKMANSHIP: Ron Hamby 1956 Custom Beetle



Shawn Allgood, Niki Mendez, Larry Wentzel & Braxton Dean