What an event we had! Thanks go out to all of you for coming out and supporting the event!
Fast Times at Farmington was another huge success! The race track was hot, with numerous classes going on throughout the day! Those stands though! Ya’ll had them packed all day watching all of our racers! We all loved seeing that!
The Swap Meet, was a happening spot. There were plenty of goods you could get in the swap meet this time. From new or used parts or other related VW items, from our 60 vendors in attendance. We had to pack them in the best places we could, due to not wanting anyone stuck out in the field. Ya’ll didn’t have any trouble finding all the bargins!
Our show field, was once again packed with classic buses, daily drivers, rails, Campers and of course the Beetles. Many came out on Saturday night and camped out with your friends, and maybe snagged some early swap meet deals. Show field area on Sunday was down from previous shows though, I am sure that the weather from Saturday may have kept you away. We dodged a built at the track there, that is for sure.

Attendance was outstanding, if you were to glance over in the spectator lot while you were there, you would have seen a full field. That is what we like to see! People coming out and enjoying the event!

Thanks to all our racers for their patience with the track, glad the track was back in business in late Oct 2023 and have been busy ever since. So glad the big rains stayed away on Saturday evening, this made the track prep an easy task. Good to see all of our racers again!
Thanks to everyone that came out to the event! We hope you had a great time, that is what it is all about. We will see you back at The Farm on Oct 20th. Take a look at our schedule for other events we have this summer and even some already planned for 2025. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok or join our email list right here on the website.

EVENT PHOTOS CLICK HERE!!!! Photos Courtesy of Nikki Mendez Imagery & Bill Ostereich

  • Best of show Aircooled: Demetria Gillispie 60 Beetle
  • Promoters Choice: Steve Baker 67 Bus
  • Inner Beauty: Thomas Gillispe 70 Baja
  • Best of use of Color: Thomas Gillispe 70 Baja


  • Beetle Stock (pre-58) 1st Brent Carter 53 Beetle 2nd Marteen Colin 56 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (pre-58) 1st Shawn Miller 55 Beetle
  • Beetle Stock (59-64) 1st: Jeremy Brendle 63 Beetle 2nd: Carl Bailey 63 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (59-64) 1st: James Hockaday 64 Beetle 2nd: Eric Etchinson 62 RHD Beetle
  • Bęetle Stock (65-67) 1st: Ken Plowman 67 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (65 -67) 1st: TIE Bill Ostereich 67 Beetle & Mike Crowley 67 Beetle 2nd Dustin O’Hara 66 Beetle
  • Beetle Stock ( 68-up) 1st: Jason Terry 68 Beetle 2nd: Lewis Carroll 68 Beetle
  • Beetle Modified (68-up) 1st: Jeff Grimmn 68 Beetle 2nd: Daniel Castillo 73 Beetle
  • Super Beetle Stock 1st: Amanda Hatmaker 74 Super Beetle 2nd: Giarcarlo Pacheo 72 Super Beetle
  • Super Beetle Modified 1st: Mechell Brown 72 Beetle 2nd: Jesse Tejeda 74 Super Beetle
  • Karmann Ghia Stock 1st: Juan Jimenez 69 Ghia
  • Karmann Ghia modified 1st: Frank Carter 71 Ghia 2nd: Joe Hullett 69 Ghia
  • Type II Stock (pre-67) 1st: Danny Morganelli 57 Camper 2nd: Kevin O’Connor 67 Deluxe
  • Type II modified (pre-67) 1st: Steve Baker 67 Bus
  • Type II stock (68 & UP) 1st: Eugene Stalnaker 78 Camper 2nd: Michael White 79 Westy
  • Type II Modified (68 & UP) N/A
  • Type 3 all 1st: Hector Lorenzi 70 Fastback 2nd: Rick Caron 70 Squareback
  • Thing N/A
  • Buggy 1st: Trent Roddy 68 Buggy 2nd: Travis Cisson 66 Buggy
  • Baja 1st: Thomas Gillispie 70 Baja 2nd Mickey & Ranetta Jones 68 Baja
  • Rail 1st: Chris Bailey 2nd: Jonathan DeYoung
  • Rail Custom (non VW Engine) 1st) Lynley Bailey
  • Full Custom (air or water) 1st: Demetria Gillispe 60 Beetle 2nd: Andy Podhany 59 Beetle
  • Daily Driver (aircooled) all years 1st: Scott Hampton 82 Mexi Beetle 2nd: Steven Sheets 69 Beetle
  • Special Interest 1st: Joe Staton 70 Mini Mark 2nd: Jay Turner 63 Beetle Herbie
  • Under Construction (all) N/A
  • Kit Car (vw Chassis & Powered) N/A
  • Rat Rod N/A
  • Patina 1st: Caitlyn Sparks 62 Beetle 2nd: Benjamin Sparks 63 Beetle
  • Stock Watercooled ALL YEARS 1st: Cassidy Jacobs 23 Atlas 2nd: Wildalys Pacheco 98 Cabrio
  • Modified MK1/MK2 (78-94) N/A
  • Modified мк3/мк4 (95-05) 1st: Chris Tringali 04 Jetta 2nd: Nick Tringali 03 Passat
  • Modified MK4/MK5 (05 -14) 1st: Chad Cook 09 Rabbit 2nd: John Keith Knight 07 GLI
  • Modified MK7/7.5 (15 &up) 1st: William Updegrove 19 GTI 2nd: Brandon Higgens 20 GTI
  • Passat/CC 1st: Ricky Widner 13 CC
  • Beetle (99 & up) 1st: Marvin Wall 14 Beetle 2nd: Michael Tolley 14 Beetle
  • other Watercooled 1st: Johnny Johnson 14 Tiguan 2nd: Michael Howell 11 GTD

Pro Outlaw
Ryan Peloquin RT .7963 ET6.19 MPH 107
Runner-up – Troy Sellars
RT .5606 ET 6.49 MPH 113

Super Pro
Winner – Mel Shealy
Runner-up – Scotty Widner
Semi – Daniel Kurtzman
Semi – Tim Norwood

Winner – Mel Shealy
Runner-up – Tony Miller
Semi – Steve Lewis

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