What an awesome and Beautiful weekend full of Automotive activities. Started off the weekend with Caffeine and Octane at the Avenues Mall. One of their Best turnouts yet with plenty of eye candy for any Enthusiast.
That evening we all gathered at Tinseltown Cinemas for a pre-meet.

Sunday morning was a bit hectic with some unplanned moving of dealership cars first thing in the morning. We certainly appreciate you guys patiently waiting for us to get things cleared on the lot and showroom. The Audi showroom was not available to us at last min. Buy you guys made the best of it and parked as best we could in front of the dealership.
We had plenty of vendors and Gorgeous rides that came out. Especially our exotic guys that made an appearance. Unexpected, but sure glad they came by for us all to enjoy and drool over.

Thank you to the Only Rings Crew for being there every step of the way and assisting with the event. Certainly appreciate it!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the event! Without you the Enthusiasts, there would be no show! We hope you had a great time, that is what it is all about.


  • BEST OF SHOW  VW: Hunter Gaskins 21 Arteon
  • BEST AIR RIDE: Hunter Gaskins 21 Arteon
  • BEST OF SHOW AUDI: Kevin Eldridge 19 RS5
  • BEST ENGINE: Kevin Elridge 19 RS5
  • AUDI OF ORANGE PARK: Kevin Eldridge 19 RS5
  • BEST OF SHOW BMW: Autumn Teixeira 18 BMW M3
  • BEST OF SHOW OTHER: Chris McGhie 14 Porsche Cayman
  • BEST OF SHOW VINTAGE VW: Leslie Fancella 72 Beetle
  • PROMOTERS CHOICE: Rafael Lugo 19 Spektrum R
  • BEST FITMENT: Will Locklear 19 Audi RS5
  • INNER BEAUTY: Todd Roth 81 Westy
  • ONLY RINGS: Victor Gonzalez 88 BMW M3
  • SOUTHSIDE EURO: Tim Wing 1966 BMW 1800
  • VW OF ORANGE PARK: Ed Sheets 89 Rally GTI

Top 25

  • Steve Kerly  11 VW CC
  • Fabio Magakhaes  01  VW Beetle
  • Eddie DeSilva  01 VW GTi
  • Kyle Kromidas  77 VW Rabbit
  • Matt Taibl  17 GTI
  • Autumn Teixeira 05 Audi S4
  • Jorge Hernandez  17 Audi S8 Plus
  • John Cummings  12 Beetle
  • Michael Gutierrez  20 GTI
  • Michael Keenan  16 Audi RS7
  • Will Locklear  19 Audi RS5
  • Jordan Locklear  19 Audi SQ5
  • Joey Yirak   18 Audi S4
  • Fred Roewe 18 R
  • Rafael  Lugo  19 R
  • Eddie Abreu  17 GLI
  • Rafael  Rivera  19 R
  • Omar Luciano  14 Beetle
  • Lester Clue  01 Audi S4
  • Sarabia Roberts  17 BMW 530i
  • Rebecca Holman  16 Audi RS7
  • Tim Wing  66 BMW 1800
  • Todd Roth  81 Westy
  • Michael Mercado  19 Audi S4
  • Paul Caron  19 Audi SQ5

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