WOW! What a turnout for our return to the Rock! We had a gorgeous day!
There were some Beautiful VWs all over the Facility from the show cars to the Drag cars. Our Best of Show winner was just that, Shatef Carey out of Rockingham, brought out his freshly finished 72 Beetle. This Beetle was ready for its debut on St. Patrick's Day that is for sure.
Kevin Shaw from Shaw's Classic Aircooled had is stunning Maroon 70 Beetle out with his family and walked away with The Inner Beauty Award and Kids Choice award.

The Race portion of the event had racers from all over the East coast in attendance. This was the SEVWA season opener and they were ready to go. Furthest Distance would go to our Pro runner-up Wayne Farquhar in his 19 Jetta. He was on his way back home from vacation in Florida and planned this race on the way back. SEVWA Super Pro Champion Clint Woolard came out on top as the Winner of the Super Pro class, even after he broke at TNT the night before.
The swap meet area also did not disappoint. There were about 20 new and used vendors out for you to find what you were looking for. Our sponsors, East Coast Sandrails and Parts, Carolina Dune Buggies, Jarrett import and Monkey Nut Vintage VW were all out in the vendor area showcasing their goods to the crowd as well.
I would like to Thank each and everyone of you for coming out to the event. These events are what you make them and I hope that each and everyone of you enjoy them, as that is what they are all about! A special Thank You to my TEAM for all their help to make this event run smoothly.

We will be coming back to The Rock in 2020 on March 15, so pencil that on your calendars.

Racer count 46
Show car count 60
Vendor count 20


Super Pro
Winner: Clint Woolard  DI 6.85 RT .118 ET 6.90 MPH 128.13
Runner-up: Larry Hegler DI 6.97 RT .121 ET 7.02 MPH 91.12
Semi: Corbitt Marshburn

Winner: Colby Marshburn  DI 11.80 RT .023 ET 11.97 MPH 56
Runner-up: Wayne Farquhar DI 10.20 RT .147 ET 10.17 MPH 31
Semi : Trey Sikes

Draggin Booties
Winner: Pat Young  DI 10.05 RT .146 ET 10.58 MPH 34.09
Runner-up: Holly Smith  DI 9.17 RT .159 ET 9.18 MPH 75.41

Winner: Marcel Borcila. GLI  DI 9.00 RT .266 ET 9.13 MPH 89.57
Runner-up: James Wachter Ghia  DI 11.50 RT .307 ET 11.29 MPH 60.54


Best of Show: Shatef Carey 72 Beetle
Inner Beauty & Kids Choice:
Kevin Shaw 70 Beetle
Best use of Color: William Bailey Buggy
Promoters Choice: Michael Daniel's 70 Beetle

Top 20
Steven Thorne , Pedro Coriano, Jeff Smith, Jeff Grimm, Eddie Ackroyd, Chad Hicks, David Mitchell, Paris Marshall, Perry Gibbons, Aaron Farrell, Kevin Briggs, Marvin Wall, Ronald Garrison, Michele Kauasz, Russ Keller, Garry Dolin, Garry Dolin, Rick Wagner, Chris Cook, Kolben Hillberry

Special Thanks to these Guys for providing some awesome shots from the event.

Connor Mitchell, Andrew Banjak & Danny Stogner

Photos are posted! Enjoy!