Are you READY! Thats right, it's a go for THIS SATURDAY June 6th at Rockingham Dragway for VWs at the Rock!
Pre-Registraton ends Friday June 5th! Please take a moment to look at the event page for all the updated info.
Event is open to all VW/Audi models with a car show, vendors and racing. CLICK HERE for all the info

Fast Times at Farmington #31 May 19, 2019

Photos by Connor Mitchell and Kathy Jacobs

Best of Show Aircooled: David Carr 58 Beetle

Best of Show Watercooled: Marvin Wall 14 GSR Beetle

Promoters Choice: Matt Bowden 13 Jetta
Inner Beauty: Michelle Kalasz 64 Bus
Best Use of Color: Ron Hamby 56 Beetle
Best Workmanship: Shatef Carey 72 Beetle

Race Results
Super Pro
Winner: Michael Hall   DI: 7.57 RT .36 ET 7.71 MPH 78
Runner-up: Daniel Sturgill 
DI: 7:57 RT: .296 ET 7.61 MPH 90
Winner: Holly Smith  DI 9.82 RT .046 ET 9.87 MPH 70.68
Runner-up: Trey Sikes  DI 8.95 RT .107 ET 8.97 MPH 76
Draggin Booties
Winner: Holly Smith    DI 9.79 RT .156 ET 9.80 MPH 70
Runner-up: Robin Miller 
DI 9.50 RT .174 ET 9.57 MPH 69
Winner: Todd Howard   RT .148 ET 7.04 MPH 103
Runner-up: Bob Cook RT ,231 ET 7.26 MPH 100

Car Show Awards

Beetle Stock (pre-58)
1st: Raymond Rodriguez 55
2nd: Jim Markell 56

Beetle Modified (pre-58)
1st: Erik Thomsen 58
2nd: Malcom Ruppe 52

Beetle Stock (59-64)
1st: Bobby Ball 62
2nd: Libby Parker 64

Beetle Modified (59-64)
1st: Ethan Icenhour 60
2nd: Ron Hamby 56

Beetle Stock (65-67)
1st: Bill Tate 65
2nd: Eric Hausfeld 65

Beetle Modified (65-67)
1st: Casey Daniels 66
2nd: Jeff & Sherry Plock 65

Beetle Stock (68-up)
1st: Dwight Walker 70
2nd: Gabrielle Schwartz 73

Beetle Modified (68-up)
1st: Kevin Shaw 70
2nd: Jeff Grimm 68

Super Beetle stock
1st: Pedro Campruzano 79 Convertible
2nd: Vernon Horne 72

Super Beetle Modified
1st: Penny Williams 71

2nd: Derick Forbes 72

Karmann Ghia Stock
1st: Carlos Fries 61
2nd: James Jones 69

Karmann Ghia Modified
1st: Jonathan DeYoung 74
2nd: Joe Riggan 70

Type II Stock (pre-67)
1st: Michelle Kalasz 64
2nd: Manuel Martinez 58

Type II Modified (pre-67)
1st: James Steele 64 Crewcab
2nd: Bret Pace 65 Single Cab

Type II stock (68 & up)
1st: Ceasar Costa 68 Crewcab
2nd: Bobby DeBellis 73 Westy

Type II Modified (68 & up)
1st: Jason Jarrett 71
2nd: Larry Emery 76

Type III
1st: Heath White 68 Squareback
2nd: Jody Nobles 67 Squareback

1st: Al Matthews 74 Thing
2nd: Jonathan Miller 74

1st: Andy Knapp
2nd: Emery Gallina

1st: Kevin Harris

1st: Don Maxwell
2nd: Garry Dolin

1st: Shelia Weaver
2nd: Craig State

Full Custom
1st: Brad Smith 65 Beetle Convertible
2nd: Bob Staley 71 Beetle

Daily Driver
1st: Ken Wolfe 69 Beetle
2nd: Seth Wrobel 63 Beetle

Special Interest
1st: Jay Turner 63 Herbie
2nd: James Jones 71 Super Beetle Convertible

Under Construction
1st: Kevin Simmons 67 Beetle
2nd: Matthew King 71 Beetle

Kit Car
1st: Charlie Jacobs 52 MGTD

Rat Rod
1st: Aaron Farrell 66
2nd: KC Cribb 60 Beetle

Stock Watercooled all years
1st: Dale Farr 19 Passat
2nd: Stephen Farmer 02 Cabrio

Modified (78-94)
1st: Noah Keeton 81 Rabbit Truck
2nd: Nolan Kuesel 82 Rabbit Truck

Modified 95-05
1st: Tommy Wolff 03 Gti
2nd: Sam Kulp 96 Cabrio

Modified 05-10
1st: Chobey Badgio 10 GTI
2ND: Danielle Lugo 08 R32

Modified 11 & up
1st: David Mitchell 18 Passat GT
2ND: Kennard Reynolds 16 GLI

1st: Gene Hickman 88 Westy
2nd: Dave & Pam Shearen 80 Vanagon

Other watercooled
1st: Robert Owens 99 Beetle
2nd: Helder Pereira 81 Westy