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Super Pro Winner: Mel Shealy
Super Pro Runner-up: Marcel Reynolds
Pro Winner: Aaron Wall
Pro Runner-up
: Mark Dudley Jr
ASA Winner:  Brad Robertson
ASA Runner-up: Kevin Bartleson



Beetle Stock (pre-58)   1:Dennis Tyson 57 Beetle
Beetle Modified (pre-58)  1: Jim Greenfield 51 Beetle    

2: Robert Rodriguez 56 Beetle
Beetle Stock (59-64)  1: Douglas Robertson 60 Beetle   

2: Teroy Weisenfield 62 Beetle
Beetle Modified (59-64)  1: Paul Candell 63 Beetle

2: Carlos Cano Volky 61 Beetle Vert / Leslie Speer 62 Beetle
Beetle Stock (65-67)   1: Joe Carpenter 67 Beetle Vert   

2: Matthew Gunter 64 Beetle
Beetle Modified (65-67)  1: Kobbie Miller 66 Beetle    

2: Casey Daniels 66 Beetle
Beetle Stock (68-up)  1: Steve Edkins 73 Beetle

Beetle Modified (68-up)  1: Eric Gucher 74 Beetle / Scott Harris 69 Beetle
2: Shatef Carey 72 Beetle
Super Beetle Stock  1: James Jones  74 Super Beetle

2: Marie Staton 74 Super Beetle
Super Beetle Modified  1: Derek Forbes 72 Super Beetle   

2: Jesse Tejeda 74 Super Beetle

Karmann Ghia Stock:   1: James Jones 69 Ghia
2: Jonathan Miller 68 Ghia
Karmann Ghia Modified:  1: Bob Cook 60 Ghia

Farmington Results
We had a Gourgous day at Farmington Dragway for Fast Times at Farmington!
We would like to Thank each and everyone of you for making this event what it is! YOU are the heart and soul!
The swap meeting was the place to be, as we had many that came in on Saturday evening and got their spaces setup. Plus lots of Campers came out to enjoy the crisp night air with friends around a fire.
Sunday morning came early and many took advantage of the gate opening and got first glimpse at what the swap meet had to offer.
      Show car area was full of some Beautiful VWs with around 300 in the area but only 140 were actually signed up to be judged. Bob Cook of Cookers VDubs walked away with Best of Show Aircooled with his just finished Karmann Ghia Convertible. Best of Show Watercooled went to Frank Carter and his Beautiful Clean 08 R32.
Racer count was up from our May event with some 61 racers in attendance. We would like to say it was great to see our regulars, but also the many new and out of town visitors from the NE! With this being our SEVWA Finals, many SEVWA Racers were stopped in their tracks first round by some of these guys!
      We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for our team of volunteer judges that got out there and got the job done! And also my Team for doing what they do, to help the event run smoothly. Let's not forget the track personnel for keeping the track going and food in the concessions.

    See you at the next event!  MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON!


Type II Stock (pre-67):   1: Wally Bateman 65 Bus
2: Heath White 66 Camper
Type II Modified (pre-67):  1: Smitty Smith 67 Bus
2: Bret Pace 65 Single Cab

Type II Stock (68 & up):  1: Jeremy Coble 71 Bus
2: Todd True 78 Westy
Type II Modified (68 & up) N/A
Type III: 1: Justin Cummings 69 Fastback
2: Heath White 66 Squareback
Thing: 1: Adam Badgett 73
2: Michael Brooks 74

Buggy: 1: Gerald Plunk 63 Empi Sportster
2: Warren Minor Buggy
Baja:  1: Jack Glowacki 70 Beetle

Rail: 1: Steve House 74
2: Thomas Barber 2020 ECSR
Rail Custom: 1: Lynley Bailey 2019 ECSR
2: Paul Asbilt 2020
Full Custom: 1: Dennis Dunn 1964 Roadster Truck
Daily Driver(Aircooled) All years: 1: Victor Gomez 70 Bus
2: Anthony Alvarez 67 Squareback
Special Interest: 1: James Jones 71 Super Beetle
2: Chris Chilton 23 T Bucket
Under Construction: 1: Joseph Ring 68 Bus
Kit Car N/A
Rat Rod: 1: William Johnson
2: Malcom Ruppe
Patina: 1: Jesse Colvard 67 Beetle
2: Chris Bailey 64 Beetle

Stock Watercooled All Years: 1: Douglas Raynor 85 Vanagon
2: John Knight 07 Jetta Fahrenheit
Modified MK1/MK2 (78-94):  1: Ceasar Ramirez 83 Rabbit
2: Samantha Furr 92 Golf
Modified MK3/MK4 (95-05): 1: Samuel Hernandez 04 Jetta
2: Dakota Kellough 02 Golf
Modified MK5/MK6 (05-14): 1: Frank Carter 08 R32 / Damian Sorenson GTI
2: Chobey Badgio 10 GTI
Modified MK7/7.5 (15 & UP):  1: Faithe Edwards 17 GTI
2: Kristen Colvard 16 Jetta
1: Roger Campbell
2: Greg Williams 15 CC
Beetle (99 &up):
1: Marvin Wall 14 Beetle
2: Larry Emery 06 Beetle
Other Watercooled:  1: Patrick Waddell 18 Audi TTRS
2: Chris Gangestad 84 Vanagon

Best of show Aircooled: Bob Cook 60 Karmann Ghia
Best of Show Watercooled: Frank Carter 08 R32
Promoters Choice: Joe Carpenter 67 Beetle Convertible
Inner Beauty: Joe Greenfield 51 Beetle
Best of use of Color: Jack Glowacki 70 Baja

Best Workmanship: Choeby Bodgio 10 GTI


OCT 17, 2021