Car Show Awards

Beetle Stock (pre-58) N/A
Beetle Modified (pre-58) N/A

Beetle Stock (59-64)
1st: Doug Robertson 60 Beetle

Beetle Modified (59-64)
1st: Eric Etcheson 63 Beetle
2nd: Barry Greene 61 Beetle

Beetle Stock (65-67)
1st: Kenny Moganelli 67 Beetle
2nd: Mike May 67 Beetle

Beetle Modified (65-67)
1st: Chase Steele 65 Beetle
2nd: Raymond Sammons 65 Beetle

Beetle Stock (68-up)
1st: Michael Daniels 70 Beetle
2nd: LC Pearson 73 Beetle

Beetle Modified (68-up)
1st: Shatef Carey 72 Beetle
2nd: Eddie Scale 68 Beetle

Super Beetle stock
1st: Renee Jones 74
2nd: Vernon Horne 72

Super Beetle Modified
1st: Derick Forbes 72

Karmann Ghia Stock
1st: James Jones 69
2nd: Mallory Crowder 69

Karmann Ghia Modified
1st: Mat Truby 70

Type II Stock (pre-67)
1st: Andrew Malanik 60

Type II Modified (pre-67)
1st: Smitty Smith 67 21 Window
2nd: Bret Pace 65 Single Cab

Type II stock (68 & up)
1st: Raymond Rodriguez 74
2nd: Allen Burris 72

Type II Modified (68 & up)
1st: Brian Koonz 68
2nd: Jason Jarrett 71

Type III
1st: Heath White 68 Squareback

1st: Michael Brooks 74
2nd: Chris Gray 73

1st: Warren Minor

1st: Mickey & Raneta Jones

1st: Garry Dolin & Chris Stills
2nd: Garry Dolin

Rail Custom
1st: Garry Dolin
2nd: Lynly Bailey

1st: Donald Jordan

Full Custom N/A

Daily Driver
1st: Dan Whiteford 67 Beetle
2nd: Chris Imperial 69 Bus

Special Interest
1st: James Jones 71 Super Beetle Convertible
2nd: Pitch Woolfolk 72 Rally Beetle

Under Construction
1st: David Bethea 71 Super
2nd: James Pickett 66 Beetle

Kit Car
1st: Ray Geisinger  55 Porsche 356
2nd: Danny Farrett 68 Berry T

Rat Rod
1st: Dale Easling 71
2nd: Aaron Farrell 66

Stock Watercooled all years
1st: David Haislop 82 Rabbit Convertible
2nd: Michael Tolley 05 Jetta GLI

Modified (78-94)
1st: Nolan Kuesel 82 Rabbit Truck

Modified 95-05
1st: Brandon Williams 04 R32

Modified 05-10
1st: Tim Hudson 07 GTI & Kim Buchanan 12 Golf
2ND: Chobey Badgio 10 GTI

Modified 11 & up
1st: David Mitchell 18 Passat GT
2ND: Sam Buchanan 15 GTI

Vanagon/Eurovan  N/A

Other watercooled
1st: Marvin Wall 14 Beetle
2nd: Robert Owens 99 Beetle

1st: Brian Hall 65 Beetle

2nd: Bill Crail 69 Beetle

Best of Show Aircooled: Shatef Carey 72 Beetle

Best of Show Watercooled: Michael Tolley 05 Jetta GLI

Promoters Choice: Brian Koonz 68 Bus
Inner Beauty: James Jones 71 Super Beetle
Best Use of Color: James Pickett 66 Beetle
Best Workmanship: Dan Whiteford 67 Beetle
Most Original: Debbie Franklin 67 Beetle

Race Results
Super Pro

Winner:  Clint Woolard  DI: 7.05 RT .037 ET 7.09 MPH 94
Runner-up: Michael Hall  DI: 7.14 RT: .0956 ET 7.17 MPH 93
Winner: Mel Shealy  DI 8.02 RT .7700 ET 12.28 MPH 48
Runner-up: Brandon Miller  DI 11.68 RT -.0199 ET 11.79 MPH 59
Winner:   Mark Spires RT .2026 ET 7.34 MPH 97
Runner-up: Jason Goodyear RT .1744 ET 7.45 MPH 91

Fast Times at Farmington #32 Oct 20, 2019

Thanks to each and everyone of you that braved the weather forecast and made this event what it was.
        Sunday early morning it rained the whole time and many of us had doubts, but it went through just before sunrise and by noon we saw a break in the clouds and sunshine.
Would like to thank the awesome crew at Farmington Dragway for working all through the morning getting that track dry and then a last min scrape on the top end, to make it where we all could race.
         While of course the numbers were down from our record breaking turnout in May, I still say this was agood turnout despite the weather. Approx 100 folks were at the track Saturday to campout and we had ourselves a little potluck dinner as well. Sunday there was around 1200 people through the gate, 60 racers and around 100 VWs in the show area, in attendance.

        I would like to Thank each and everyone of you for your support, not only for this race, but all year. YOU are the reason I love what I do! Thank you also goes to my TEAM and Family for their assistance at the events. Some of which just pick up something and do it without asking just to help me. Love you guys! Also thanks to EMPI for their support. Hope to see you guys again at an east coast event. All of us over here on the East Coast appreciate you guys.